• Antar_mahal (5-Bed Family room)




         You can spend a weekend in our lodging facilities at Arshinagar.

         We have 16 rooms with attached western bathrooms.

         All material comforts like deep cushioned beds, air conditioning and televisions have been provided for.

         You can spend a quiet weekend amidst nature here, with your favourite book.

    Tariff (with complimentary breakfast)+ GST (as applicable) :

      AC Cottage (Double Bed) @ Rs.1900 [Room name: JAGORI, BYAPTI, NIBHRITI]

      AC Tent House (Double Bed) @ Rs.2490 [Room name: BRIKSHANATH, BRIKSHARAJ]

      AC Tree House (Triple Bed): @ Rs.2900 [Room name: BONOBITHIKA, BONOBITAN, BONOCHAAYA]  

      AC Cave Room (Triple Bed): @ Rs.2900 [Room name: GUHAAMUKUR]

      AC Premium Mud House (Double Bed): @ Rs.2900 [Room name: TAPOBHANGA, ABHISAR]  

      AC Family Room (4 Bed): @ Rs.3400 [Room name: KOMOL GANDHAR]  

      AC Family Mud House (5 Bed): @ Rs.3900 [Room name: HRIDI, ANUBHAV]  

      AC Family Cottage (5 Bed): @ Rs.3950 [Room name: ANTARMAHAL]

      AC Mudhouse Suite (4 Bed): @ Rs.4250 [Room name: GUHAALIPI]

      Extra person: Rs.350 per night



 For booking the cottages you can call 79801-31594, 98746-28868 or fill up the following enquiry form


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