We started this Non Profit earning, Non Government Organization in 2012 specifically aiming education and social upliftment of children.

        All our expenses at Prochesta are provided by our restaurant Poncho Byanjon, our nursery Ankur and our lodging facilities.

              At Prochesta, 5/6 teachers work together to impart training and knowledge in all the regular school subjects & other creative activities like dancing, singing & elocution.

        Yoga and computer training is also a regular part of the curriculum. Special training is also undertaken in the areas of pronunciation and diction of the children.

    Although, most of these children have been enrolled in the Govt. schools but the majority of them dropout in the early years due to lack of societal and financial support.

   To keep children enrolled in Govt. schools, we regularly support them with school books, uniforms, stationery and other requirements.

       Another great challenge faced by us in the initial days was the attendance-irregularity of the children. As most of these children hail primarily from families of daily workers, so the regular phases of unemployment of the parents forced the children out of school.

          To overcome such a situation, the only way out for us was to create a stable employment for the families of these children. We started employing the parents in our nursery and our lodging facilities.

           This also created a congenial environment, where the children could meet their parents after school in Arshinagar and play with their friends.For parents, whom we could not create jobs at Arshinagar, we arranged sewing machines for them in the house or a van rickshaw for the father and created a self employment process.

       Now, our 30 children come to Arshinagar everyday and during Rabindra Jayanti and other special occasions they perform in front of their proud parents and other villagers. More and more children have started coming to Arshinagar and now we are growing, but it’s a long way to go.

     We have started a free dispensary at Arshinagar for providing minimum essential health benefits to the local people. Villagers are getting free advices from both homeopathic and allopathic doctors with free medicines regularly.

         There is a centre for teaching vocational and handicrafts skills for women. We also took part in sanitation improvement in the surrounding villages by providing more than 150 toilets so far.

   We have future planning for a primary hospital, an orphanage and an old-age home.Still, we are far from the mystic Fakir’s dream or creating his ideal Arshinagar but our collective efforts may someday shape that into reality.