Poncho Byanjon


     This is our restaurant but you can call it our “food archive” because here we have collected the most authentic menus of Bengalee cuisine.

        Our collection extends from the common Pally Bangla menu to the kitchen of Rabindranath Tagore, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose & the likes.

 We have meticulously collected these menus and trained our cooks to serve them.

         At Poncho Byanjan, we can serve you the legendary Barishaler Bhapa Ilish, Pabnar Tel Koi, Bardhamaner Posto Bora and some nearly extinct menus like Chingri Maach diye Kochur Loti, Lotey Maacher Jhuri or Dumurer Dalna.

             We regularly invite interested personalities to our kitchen, who train our cooks in a particular dish which they have innovated or maybe have learnt from her earlier generations.

            We have archived menus of many households from various parts of Bengal and our cooks can transform them at your wish.

              So, if you wish to design your menu exactly the way the Babus of Thakurbari used to do, then give us a call.


  Here is a part of the menu, we serve at Poncho Byanjon:


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