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Basanta Utsav Celebration 2019


                                                                                  Ronge ronge rongilo akash ,Gaane gaane nikhil udash,Jeno cholo chancholo nobo pollob-dol,
Mor-more mor mone mone, Phagun Legeche Bone Bone
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Swimming Pool




               We have a Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi in our farmhouse. Night stay guests can enjoy the swimming pool.

You have to carry your swimming costumes, or get them on hire from us.This new 55 feet swimming pool will be loved by your family






      We have a pond teeming with fish in our farmhouse. You can enjoy “catch and release” angling with local fishing rods made of cane.

       Our experts can also give you some lessons on how to cast a fishing net. If you have your own angling equipment, then you can bring them too