Ankur Nursery


       ANKUR started as a germination house nursery back in 2005 engaged in Cultivating and Supplying imported range of palm plants and other Nursery Products.

    In our nursery, we not only grow regular plants and vegetables but are engaged in cultivating exotic variety of imported seedlings like Latania, Hyphorbe, Butia, Chamedorea, Aurcaria, sterilitzea, Zamia, Cycus, Cycad and many more.

    We make sure that superior quality soil, seeds and manure are used and proper environmental conditions are maintained for the plants.

    We also make high quality ornamental plants, garden topiary, decorative indoor plants, decorative terrarium, bio  wall, Bonsai, plant pots and table tops.

                                                                            We also design and construct kitchen gardens, rooftop gardens and offer landscaping services.                                                                                                             

            Equipped with a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable gardeners, plant experts and pest controllers, we innovate techniques in plant cultivation that   consume less space but are complete in natural benefits.

   Further, our personnel ensure on time delivery of superior quality products and facilitate easy payment modes.

  This has helped us in becoming a reputed name and a preferred choice of myriad of clients.