Nearly 200 years ago, a mystic social reformer from Bengal wanted to craft a village where  every one from all sections of the society would come and stay as neighbours. He would call it Arshinagar – the mirror village – a place to discover a reflection of who we are, a place to meet our neighbours who stay so close yet we do not meet each other, a place to meet ourselves.


       ” Lalan Fakir – the great thinker and the mystic Baul helped us to sketch this name to our efforts. ”


  Here at Arshinagar, we meet our neighbours who are so close yet so far. Here, we plant trees in our nursery, we teach less privileged children in our classrooms, we catch fish in our ponds, we cherish some long forgotten cuisine of our land in our restaurant Poncho Byanjon, we visit the nearby villages to find historic ruins and we discover a reflection of who we are.


   At Arshinagar, we do not have guests or clients, we have neighbours as Lalan once said “Barir  Kache Aarshi Nagar, Shethay Porshee Boshot Kore”

(Near my abode, there is a lovely City of Mirror, where my neighbour lives).