A place to meet ourselves

Near my abode, there is a lovely City of Mirror, where my neighbour lives

Our Arshinagar

Nearly 200 years ago, a mystic social reformer from Bengal wanted to craft a village where every one from all sections of the society would come and stay as neighbours. He would call it Arshinagar – the mirror village – a place to discover a reflection of who we are, a place to meet our neighbours who stay so close yet we do not meet each other, a place to meet ourselves.

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Arshinagar is located near Budge Budge and its surrounding villages are teeming with history and happenings. If you are fond of history, then you can visit some local attractions like Bawali Rajbari, Gopinath Jiu Terracotta Mandir, Barood Khana, Komagata Maru Memorial and the Budge Budge Ferryghat. You can also try fishing in our ponds, play table tennis or carom in our play centre,

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Get Involved

You can tell a story to our children in our NGO – Prochestha or maybe show them some slides from your last trip to US and tell the nice things you saw and your experience – this helps them to grow their imagination. You can tell them how to take care of the environment and show them the basics of conservation. You are most welcomed to get involved in any way you feel.

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